Craft and Fabrics

Jamdani – Labour intensive handloom embroidery, with intricate vibrant or opaque motifs woven over a fine muslin base.

Hand Block Printing – Hand carved wooden blocks dipped in dye and printed on fine cotton. A skilled technique.

Kala Cotton - Organic, pesticide free, genetically pure cotton from Gujurat.

Blended Fabrics – Created from looming two or more fabrics together to create a unique fabric.

Hand Loom – Hand-spun and often dyed cotton transformed into rich, textured fabric on a hand loom.

Cotton Muslin – A handwoven, soft, very high thread count fabric.

Ikat – A resist dyeing technique followed by a weaving of yarns originating from Indonesia.

Lambani Embroidery - Hand embroidery, often in geometrical shapes using colourful threads, mirrors, shells and coins.