About Us

During a move from London, its founder, Jane Whitfield, realised she hadn’t worn three quarters of her wardrobe for years.

For the next chapter, she selected only her treasured, well-made, timeless pieces - the ones she comes back to time and again. These became the fundamentals that would underpin Silk and Cotton’s first collection - with each piece designed to be completely original, striking and exquisite. Dresses that you know will ‘work’. Dresses that make you feel feminine, relaxed and beautiful. Dresses that you can style up and style down. Clothing that is trend-detached.

With a strong design background and a love of fabrics, craftsmanship, colour and original patterns, Jane oversees every element of her collection - smocking, pin tucks, seams, sleeve lengths, fabric weave and pattern combinations.

Silk & Cotton is committed to slow, sustainable fashion, hand-woven, hand-dyed, hand-stitched, hand-embroidered clothing that you can be certain will make the cut should you ever downsize your wardrobe.


Buy less, choose well, make it last.